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 War Record

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PostSubject: War Record   Sat Jan 04, 2014 4:50 pm

*Posting with the permission of the team leader, Ballin1521.*
[LE] Lethal Edge
"Shine like heaven, burn like hell"

Leader: [member='Ballin1521']
(Will help blondes looking to star in a porno.)

Co-Leader: [member='Atlus']
(Future footballing star/suicide bomber.)

Member: [member='nelynel12']
(Future world eating champion, and by world we mean whole world, 10 millions pounds and counting.)

Member: [member='OMG GORZ!!!']
(His brothers Battle Fader and Tragoedia killed each other trying to be second best, currently living with distant inbred cousin Swift Scarecrow.)

Member: [member='PokerKid']
(Will change his name to PokerMan once he goes all Benjamin Button and turns 15.)

Member: [member='RussiaPlaya']
(Impressive that no one realizes he's actually a vodka drinking polar bear.)

Member: [member='skliks77']
(They all don't need to be funny, thanks for wasting your time reading all this, you stupid pieces of ****.)

War Record
DNTCS Record
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War Record
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