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 2nd place N K Tournament Report, September 2014

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PostSubject: 2nd place N K Tournament Report, September 2014    Sat Aug 16, 2014 11:38 am

nvm this spoiler its random


So I played my Noble Knights in this tournament and I was frankly surprised because the deck can stand out against the big three and it did way better than I expected.

Round 1 vs Satellarknight
Game 1; I go first and I open horribly (Excaliburn, Breakthrough Skill, Vanity's, Vanity's, Lance) but he opens mediocre (Unukalhai set 5). Next turn I topdeck Rota but he negates it with Stellarkngiht Alpha but follows it with nothing. Next turn I top Borz and equip him with Excaliburn, Destiny and Gwenwhyfar. In the end phase he tries to COTH the Deneb he dumped with Unukalhai but Vanity's seals it in my favor.
Game 2; He opens Deneb set 2. I summon Rahz and stack Medraut set Wiretap and Breakthrough Skill but I don't attack over his Deneb. His turn summons Vega and Altair into Delteros and pops my Breakthrough Skill and runs over Rahz. The next turn I equip his Delteros with Arfeudutyr and pop his Solemn Warning, then I summon Medraut and do some Noble Knight shenanigans and wiretap his Alpha and Breakthrough the Satellar summoned by Delteros. It comes down to the point when I have a Sacred Noble Knight of King Artorigous with 5 equips (Gwenwhyfar, Destiny, Excaliburn, Gallitan, Arfeudutyr) and he just keeps stalling out with his Altairs.. I bring him down to 3500 but later he tops Grand Mole and it basically changes the whole game in his favor.. I lose a few turns after.
Game 3; I go first and finally open well with Borz and Excaliburn but I have no backrow, he summons Vega Deneb and Excitons my field but next turn I have another Borz, equip him with Gwenwhyfar and mill more Noble Arms then run over his Exciton. Still no backrow. He Altairs into Castel but he returns Gwenwhyfar and leaves Borz (I guess he forgot about Altair's restriction) so next turn I just equip a Noble Arms from my hand and mill Gwenwhyfar again, summon Drystan and pop his Castel and he can't keep up. 2-1

Round 2 vs Artifact Shaddoll
Game 1; He goes first and Foolish Burials Squamata and Falco, sets dragon and 3 backrow (MST double Sanctum). My hand is kinda mediocre (Vanity's, Breakthrough Skill, Wiretap, Rahz, Borz and Drystan) so I just set the 3 backrow and end. On his turn he flips Dragon and bounces my Vanity's then pokes for 1900. I top Noble Arms of Destiny so I summon Rahz and stack Medraut, in the End Phase he tries to use Sanctum but I wiretap it. On his next turn he MSTs my Vanitys then flips Falco but I Breakthrough it and he attacks my Rahz and ends. In the following turn I summon Medraut equip him with Destiny he Sanctums but I have Breakthrough in grave and it was basically game from this point. He stalled for a few turns with his Mathmeaticians and Falcos but I eventually win it.
Game 2; He starts and opens Double Sanctum AGAIN, sets Hedhog and the 2 traps and ends. I summon Borz and equip him with Excaliburn but he Sanctums it. I duality for another Borz and end with a set Breakthrough Skill. Next turn he flips Hedhog but I breakthrough and fortunately he just tops more Shadolls so he just pokes for damage. In my turn I summon Borz equip him and mill more Noble Arms, he activates Sanctum but Breakthrough took care of that. For the next turn he keeps topping BTS, Vanity's and Shaddolls and I am able to gain momentum and win. 2-0

Round 3 vs Artifact Shaddolls
Game 1; I go first and stack Medraut with Rahz and an Arfeudutyr in hand. He sets Hedgehog, BTH, Sinister Shadow Games and Sanctum. next turn I summon borz but he bottomlesses it. I attack his Hedhog with Rahz, he tries to use Shadow Games but I wiretap it. On his turn he summons Mathematician and sets Falco, on my turn I summon another Borz but he Sanctums it. Then he flips Falco but I breakthrough it. The next Turn I do Medraut - Arfeudutyr but I don't xyz fearing his Shadoll Fusion. so he's basically left with 1 useless card in his hand and he can't come back.
Game 2; I cannot remember this game clearly but he drew kinda awful and won it easily with Vanity's on his Shaddoll Fusion. 2-0

Round 4 vs Lightsworn Shaddolls
Game 1; I go first with Rota and Gallitan and end with Sacred Noble Knight with 3 equips (Destiny, Excaliburn and Gallitan) he summons Mathematician dumps Felis and makes Blackrose to blow up my field then summons Chaos Sorcerer and banishes my Sacred Noble Knight. Next turn I duality into another Medraut with Arfeudutyr in hand and just pass, he has a handfull of monster so he just sets Falco and pokes with Chaos Sorcerer. I summon Medraut and Arfeudutyr takes care of Falco and I end with Sacred Noble Knight with 4 equips (Destiny, Caliburn, Excaliburn, Gallitan). He still has nothing and loses the following turn.
Game 2; He goes first and his lyla mills Falco but no other Shaddolls. My hand is extremely horrible (Medraut, Drystan, Borz, Maxx C and Double Soul Charge) so I just summon Drystan and run over Falco. He activates Shaddoll Fusion, makes Construct and does some Shadoll shenanigans while I draw Caliburn off of Maxx C, but then he does a stupid move that makes him lose the game where he Soul Charged and kept Special Summoning and ended with Leo, Castel and a Shaddoll Beast. Next turn I basically destory him. 2-0

Round 5 vs Shaddolls
Game 1; He goes first but he has an unplayable hand (Beast, BLS, BTS and other 2 cards) but my hand isn't any better.. But next I grab a Borz and get things going. He overcomes and makes Winda but I have my own Breakthrough Skill in grave) I set brothers which takes him completely off guard and I stall out a few turns to get my resources. I summon an Artorigous and equip with 4 and he misplays with Dragon (tried to use his effect twice in 1 turn) and I gain control of the gamAe.
Game 2; Again the Shaddoll player bricks Vanity's is too real. 2-0

Round 6 vs Blue-Eyes Shaddoll
Game 1; He summons Kuribandit and mills a bunch of Spells and White Stone so I assume he's using Dragon Rulers. But the next turn he activates Shaddoll Fusion and makes Construct with BEWD and Shaddoll Dragon and I BTS it. He nomals Mathematician but I BTS him aswell. The game comes to the point where I have a Borz and a Medraut on field with 3 equips (Destiny, Excaliburn and Gwenwhyfar) and he Soul Charges himself to 1100LP and ends with a Felgrand, Castel and Winda on field but he can't get rid of Medraut, basically the 2 BTS in my grave gave me the win after negating Felgrand and Winda then Volcaing the former.
Game2; He starts with Mathematician but his is full of monsters and a Soul Charge. My hand was better with Borz, Arfeudutyr, Vanity's and Soul Charge and I keep building advantage with Arfeudutyr and Gwenwhyfar popping his monsters. He scoops when I use Vanity's on his Soul Charge. 2-0

Top 8 vs Shaddolls
Game 1; He starts really well and I just can't keep up without any monsters
Game 2; I start bad again but this time I have monsters and Vanity's and Forbidden Chalice. He hast MST for my Vanity's but Chalice puts in work and it saves me from falling behind in advantage, then I am left at 600 LPs but I have ROTA and Destiny in hand with Vanity's set to his face-up Construct and Mathematician and I come on top.
Game 3; He bricks hard and instantly scoops when I roTA for Medraut anf start equipping him. 2-1

Semi-Finals vs Burning Abyss

After playing against this shit ton of Shaddolls I always actually glad I got to face something else..

Game 1;I go first and Borz into some equips and set Breakthrough Skill and Wiretap. He opens Tour Guide and one too many discard traps and I win by simply activating my trap cards.
Game 2; He lets me go first and I open busted with Medraut, Destiny and Vanity's. This time he has no discard traps and loses when I flip Vanity's. 2-0

Finals vs Shaddolls
Game 1; He demolishes me with his sacky openings (ended with double Winda and Dark Armed)
Game 2; He has the upper hand for most of the early game but I finally draw into my sided cards and flip the tables.
Game 3; He opens extremely broke (Zombie World, Squamata, Super Poly, DAD) I was kinda keeping up until he tops BLS and finishes me. 1-2

I am disappointed I got sacked so hard in the finals after doing so well but I am still happy of my achievements.

This is my list

I am excited to use N Ks again next format because they are only getting better, and the big three will remain but now I have got more experience with this deck against them.

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2nd place N K Tournament Report, September 2014
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