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PostSubject: Duels    Mon Jul 18, 2016 1:38 pm

Duel 1
MC v. Professor Train

Turn 1: MC
MC sets 1 monster and 1 S/T.

Turn 2: Train
Train Normal Summons Scrap Beast and attacks into MC's set monster which is Peten the Dark Clown. MC uses its effect to banish it and summon a second copy of Peten the Dark Clown from his deck. Train sets 1 S/T.

Turn 3: MC
MC Normal Summons Krebons and Synchro Summons into Armades. Peten the Dark Clown effect activates to Special Summon a third copy in defense position. before the start of the battle phase Train activates Scrapstorm to add Scrap Chimera to his hand. Armades attacks directly. (Train: 13700)

Turn 4: Train
Train Normal Summons Scrap Chimera which Special Summons Scrap Beast from his graveyard, then  immediately Synchro Summons Scrap Dragon using these 2 monsters. He sets 1 S/T and uses Scrap Dragon's effect, destroying his set S/T (Scrapyard) and Armades. Scrap Dragon attacks Peten the Dark Clown, MC activates his face-down Counter Gate and Normal Summons Bri Synchron off of his draw. Train ends his turn. During the End Phase, MC activates Reinforce Truth and Special Summons Speed Warrior from his deck.

Turn 5: MC
MC draws to 3 cards in his hand. He Synchro Summons using his 3 monsters into Colossal Fighter. Due to Bri Synchron's effect, Colossal Fighter gains 600 ATK (3900/1500). MC uses the effect of Colossal Figher to send Marauding Captain to his graveyard to drop Scrap Dragon's attack to 2200. Colossal Fighter attacks Scrap Dragon (Train: 12000). Train Special Summons Scrap Beast with Scrap Dragon's effect. MC sets 1 S/T and ends his turn.

Turn 5: Train
Train Tributes Scrap Beast to Tribute Summon Scrap Golem from his hand. He uses its effect to Synchro Summon Scrap Twin Dragon from his hand.
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