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 quirk ideas

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PostSubject: quirk ideas   Thu Jul 12, 2018 9:45 pm

muscle concentration
accelerate growth
quirk exchange
gentle's niece/nephew
integrate synthethic matter into body

Quirk: Like footsteps in the snow

Power: My entire memory exists within an extra-dimensional space that I can pull physical "memories" out from. If I see an object, I can project a hologram of it, if I heard the object make a sound, I can make the hologram make the same sound, If I touched it, then I can make it more "solid" depending on how much I moved it around.

Downside: Memory isn't always reliable, The extra dimensional space resembles a perpetual snowstorm that grows more intense around foggier memories until they physically disappear but becomes almost perfectly clear with vivid ones. Objects caught in this snowstorm might be lost forever without a reminder. The less experiences I can recall for a memory, the less corporeal and detailed the construct becomes.

If I saw a gun, I'd only be able to create a hologram of the gun from the exact angle I saw it but if I touched it, held it and fired it at a physical targets, It would only affect the same "type" of target I used the real gun on.e.g I shot a plant, it only works on plants with a similar appearance and material.

Is this too mary-sue-ish?
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quirk ideas
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